Tribute to David Eyre

Funeral information Funeral arrangement details will be shared with the Service as soon as they become available.

Greeting information It is with profound sadness that we inform you of the sudden passing of our colleague, Constable David Eyre on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. David's career on Parliament Hill began in 2011 when he became a constable with the former Senate Protective Service (SPS). Since the creation of the Parliamentary Protective Service in 2015, Cst. Eyre had reported to East Operations. David was a valued member of the Service and we would like to extend our most sincere condolences to his friends, family and colleagues who are grieving the loss of a fellow member. If you wish to leave a message to the family, we invite you to do so by clicking the Message button.

  1. It would have been my absolute pleasure to have known you better Dave. I will miss our little chats. and that instant smile that greeted us all. Thank you for being so kind and always offering to help and thank you for the care and safety you gave to each us. Deepest condolences to Dave’s family and also his Senate and PPS family who will miss him.

  2. DAVES’S!! I miss you buddy, you’ve always been one of my favorite people at work. Your sense of humor was always able to make me laugh regardless of my mood. Without your morning greeting each day of “JOSHES” hollered out, its not the same walking into that locker room anymore. Your “joie de vivre” will be missed along with your smiling face. I hope you’ve found peace and your demons are at rest brother. The pain is still fresh but will fade with time to be replaced by all the memories of fun times together! Till we meet again…

  3. Dave mon chum… C’est avec une incompréhension indescriptible que je t’écris ces quelques mots. En 2020 des problèmes de santé m’ont retirés des opérations nous causant ainsi de nous perdre de vue un peu. Tu étais un des mes confidents et moi certainement un des tiens. Je ne connaîtrai donc jamais le mal qui s’est emparé de ton être, mais j’ai la certitude qu’on en aurait discuté. Tu as été un partenaire de travail extraordinaire avec lequel j’avais hâte de travailler. Nos discussions passaient de la famille, aux voitures, à ton amour pour la chasse, aux confidences, etc… À sa famille, mes plus sincères condoléances. À sa douce petite Julia, je suis sans mots, je ne peux que t’affirmer qu’il avait toujours hâte à la journée où il devait aller te chercher et que rien au monde ne pouvait l’en empêcher. Bientôt, le choc de ton départ fera place à des mémoires positives et les larmes feront placent à un sourire où je me rappellerai nos expériences et discussions. On se voit de l’autre côté, prépares-toi parce que tu vas devoir t’expliquer. Comme tu dirais, ”You got some esssplaining to do”. Tu me manque énormément.

  4. While I did not have the privilege of meeting David I have now come to know aspects of him through his colleagues. It is abundantly clear that David had a significant impact on those who knew him. He was intentional in his purpose of making people feel seen and valued; that is the hallmark of a good person, a good soul. The heavy hearts that are trying to navigate this loss will no doubt be the hearts that keep his memory alive; there are many hearts so his presence will continue to be felt. His love for his daughter, described as his pride and joy and the center of his universe, is something everyone has mentioned. It is my hope that she will always know how treasured and cherished she was to her father. May she feel the arms at PPS that will continue to hold her on his behalf. David, my sincere condolences to your entire family and all who miss you dearly. Rest in peace and thank you for the invaluable lessons and reminders that hopefully all who knew you will continue to carry forward.

  5. I just learned about David’s tragic passing today. To David’s family and to David’s PPS family (obvious from the loving posts on this page), I am so very sorry for your tremendous loss. May God grant David peace, and may God hold all of you in the palm of His hand as you heal. Unfortunately, I can relate to the scope of this tragedy, as it has now been 12 years since my husband Dave (former MP Dave Batters) died. Thank you to all of you in PPS for keeping us safe every day on Parliament Hill. Your courage is always remembered and much appreciated (especially as we approach the October 22, 2014 anniversary). With sincere sympathies, Senator Denise Batters

  6. I’m so sorry to hear of Dave’s passing. Over my time at the Senate I got to a first name basis with a number of constables but was always particularly pleased to see Dave when I entered a building. Not only was he friendly and professional but he was the one who, on October 22, 2014, when Centre Block was attacked, ran alongside me from that building to escort me off Parliament Hill. In that terrifying moment I felt so much better having someone with me – risking his life – who I recognized. I’ll never forget that. We didn’t know each other by name at the time but I made sure in the following days to get in touch with him to let him know what having him there meant to me. Ever since, even years later, I always felt a bit safer when I would walk into work and see Dave. The happy greeting and chatting was always greatly appreciated, too. It’s tough knowing that will never happen again. My deepest sympathies to everyone who worked with Dave and to all who love him.

  7. Please accept my sincere condolence to family and friends of our dear David. David was always there to help with his constant smile and greetings for all Senators. It is sad that we will be deprived of his presence, protection and guidance. However, this angel will always be in our hearts and remembered with loving memories. I will miss him

  8. I’ve been at the Senate for about ten years now and was always so happy to see when it was David at the door as I was walking in. He was such a good guy and friendly face. I’m terribly sorry for your loss and I will try to put his friendly spirit and demeanour out into the world when I am able.

  9. I’m still at a loss for words. I will always remember Dave bringing a smile to work with him daily. He was expressive, always in a good mood and how can one forget his laugh? I’d love our “breath of fresh air chit chats” . A father of unconditional love for his daughter, he was so proud and this time of year he would definitely be talking about hunting. We’ve definitely lost a great person, friend and colleague. My sincere condolences to all his family, friends and all our coworkers. Dave, you will be greatly missed, may you rest in peace.

  10. To Dave, Buddy I know you can’t read this, but I hope wherever you are you have found some resemblance of peace and solace. I don’t think you knew how much you meant to the people around you, you will always be that wholesome, approachable, trustworthy person. I never took advantage of those opportunities to express to you that and so many more things. How you will be missed my friend. To David’s family and friends. In case you were not aware we are like a small secondary family with PPS. We spend so much time with each other that we grow, and throughout that growth we build bonds that are sometimes like that of close family outside of work. I worked with David for 13 years. In that time, I grew to know him, respect him; he became one of my confidants, my go to guys. David was that person that I looked forward to working with. He would just make that day so much more pleasant with laughs or stories and all-round good conversations. David and I spent many times talking about family, friends, work, worries, hunting and just life in general. When I heard of his passing a little piece of me fluttered away, the piece of him and our friendship that I cherished. I was on leave for a few years, hesitant to see people when I returned to work, and there David was when I walked into the lunchroom for the first time with arms wide open “MANDY”, he hollered “Your BACK” and he wrapped his arms around me in the tightest Dave bear hug, without a care in the world and a huge smile. With that my anxiety of fitting back in with colleagues and returning to work decreased a little. I am sad that as a member of his final platoon I will not have more opportunities to partner with him, to experience bear hugs, words of wisdom, or have our hearty conversations. To His daughter, Julia from my perspective your father always spoke about you with joy, happiness, and pride. He spoke about the times you spent together, and how you were starting high school and moving to Ontario with your mom. He would talk about the changes in you and how you were growing into a young adult. He frequently praised how strong and capable you are. He would express that he loved you very much and that you were his baby girl. I know that things are confusing and difficult for you and there may not be anyone in this world that knows how you are feeling but know that you have many family and friends. Your fathers’ PPS family is here for you if you ever want to hear our experiences about or with him. With warmth and deepest condolences, Mandy Lafleur, Constable at the Parliamentary Protective Service.

  11. J’offre mes plus sincères sympathies à la famille du Constable David Eyre. Reposez en paix.

  12. Dave, We started this career weeks apart as rookies on the same team. Countless hours spent on post talking of our Daughters, the outdoors, the job, family, dreams and ambitions. Politics I avoided because you were so damn conservative but always respectful of others opinions, even if they were wrong. lol You were the Constable I aspired to be in appearance and professionalism. You rocked the uniform, always looking sharp and any Constable would feel confidence , relief, looking over their shoulder, seeing you as their back up in any situation. When you left the team to get away from overnights you were missed but OMG are you missed now Brother. It hurts knowing you were in pain. I take solace in having had the honor to call you a friend and colleague. My deepest condolences to your Daughter and loved ones I hope they take comfort knowing how much you were loved and respected by your PPS family. May your memory be eternal, until we meet again.

  13. Dave and I worked together when we were SPS, and again with PPS. I miss his enthusiasm, his willingness to help everyone…everyday, his great smile and the Habs chats we’d have on a regular basis. He and I had tickets to a game at the Bell Centre 2 years ago but we didn’t want to risk the drive due to a severe snow storm……..Today, I’d drive through anything to be able to have that chance. He’d always stop by my locker with a “Hey Big D” fist pump, I will miss that the most. RIP Dave, love you brother

  14. Dave; you were the kind of person that lite up a room whenever you walked in; whenever I worked with you I knew it was going to be a good shift, whenever you walked into the break room my break suddenly got better. You brought joy to so many people while inside you were struggling; I hope you find peace. I am thankful for every opportunity that I had to chat with you; I wish I had more. You are greatly missed here at PPS. My heart goes out to your friends, family, and all of our colleagues. The beauty of grey clouds is that they never stay forever. There is always sunshine waiting to appear.

  15. Dave, every shift we would work together on the floor I’d look forward too all day. For the laughs we would share and stories we would swap about our families, the outdoors and life in general. I hope you are in a better place, void of all pain. Rest in peace, I’ll miss you buddy.

  16. Mes sincères condoléances a la famille de David, à sa deuxième famille qui est SPP et à tous ses ami (e)s. David était une personne assidue a son travail et on pouvait toujours compter sur lui. La dernière fois que j’ai eu la chance de travailler avec lui était dans mon dernier cours d’entrainement. Il m’a donner des trucs que nul autre m’aurait montrer. Il avait du coeur au ventre et était toujours accessible. Il va me manquer énormément. Ma petite annecdote, ”La reine des neiges” il adorait sa fille et en était fier, il lui avait procurer le film, mais je crois qu’il ne pouvait plus entendre la chanson car tout ce que sa fille voulait était d’écouter la reine des neiges en boucle. J’ai pu le taquiner souvent grace a ce film. Je fredonnais le thème de la reine des neiges et j’avais ce regard dans ses yeux qui voulait tout dire… David soit en paix. Collègue de travail, Louise Fortin

  17. My heart felt condolence to David’s daughter and family, My last shift with David was on Friday and like usual we had many laughs, we would often talk about his beautiful daughter since she is the same age as one of mine. He would show me pictures and would often mention how proud he is of her, it isn’t hard to see that she is his pride and joy, he was excited to finally move into his new house… My heart broke after the devastating news. I am aware that there is nothing anyone can do or say to ease your pain and I am truly sorry for that. Just know His memory will live on and I feel honored to have gotten the chance to get to know him and serve by his side. Dave will always be remembered as a very kind and helpful man, who was always there to listen. Dave you will never be forgotten, rest in peace Buddy.

  18. The departure of a dear colleague is painful and seems a big loss not only for our professional life but also personal life too. As like best friends colleagues perform a special role in our life both helping at working also remain friendly outside of the office giving support and care during hard times. Saying Goodbye is never easy. Your memories will always have a warm place in my heart. My family is joining me to express our sincere condolences, and please know that my thoughts are with you and your family.

  19. Mon cher Dave, ta présence, ta bonne humeur, tes histoires et ton rire vont nous manquer grandement. Veille sur ta fille, que tu adores, et ta famille. Repose en paix. Till next time buddy.

  20. Salut David, J’aimerais que tu saches que tu nous manques déjà. Plusieurs employés du Sénat sont venu me voir pour exprimer leur sentiments de suite à ton départ. Tu as touché plus de gens que tu le penses. Tu garderas toujours cette place importante. You can rest now, you will be missed. All gave some, some gave all.

  21. Dave, Brother. You left too soon man. Way too soon. I ll always cherish our talks each and every one of them as we never were made to be mad at each other we thought alike about almost everything. I hope being able to honor your memory by dedicating my career to be like you when I ll grow up. Do you remember us laughing as I was saying that? “When I ll grow up from the detection I ll be a Constable like you?” I m glad we had the chance to work some shifts together as Constable the both of us. Rest Easy now Brother. You deserve it. We got the job for you from here. Til Valhalla.

  22. Dave was a dear friend andna brother to all of us, great skilled outdoorsman and a valuable , dependable team member. His sense of humor kept us smiling and laughing through every shift and even after. He was dedicated, always showed up an hour early to the locker room and shared a good laugh before every shift. No day started on a bad note as long as Dave was in. You gonna be missed brother. Our deepest condolences to his family, and specially his daughter he always spoked so high of. It is definatelly a loss for all of us. May your soul rest in peace brother and I hope I get to hang out with you again on the other side. That will be an honor.

  23. Je suis sans mots , Dave Merci pour cette belle amitié de 13 ans ,ton sourire et nos conversations resterons gravé dans mon cœur , tu a été un collègue de travail formidable , tu va me manqué mais ce n’est qu’un au revoir cher ami , Repose en paix et de la haut veille sur nous . Sympathies sincères a la familles et amis et surtout aux collègues de travail . Sylvie Chénier Commis au courrier du Sénat .

  24. Dave, after years or chatting and becoming such close friends, I cannot believe you will no longer be here to discuss so many things. Julia was the love of your life and you were so proud of her. I remember you being so excited about the flowers you bought her for graduation. You grinned from ear to ear when you talked about her. You were anxious to move into your new home and hang one of my paintings, which I finished days before you passed. You even texted you thought it was beautiful!
    To Dave’s family and friends, I offer you my most sincere condolences. Dave will be in my heart forever. He was a kind, beautiful soul and I know he will be watching over all of us! You leave a huge hole in many hearts. Especially mine! Until we meet again dearest Dave! Je t’aime toujours! XOX

  25. I will always remember his passion and total respect for nature and the environment. He was a former SPS colleague and a great PPS-PO. Je me souviendrai toujours de sa passion et de son respect total pour la nature et l’environnement. C’était un ancien collègue du SSS et un excellent OP-SPP. RIP David.

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